View Full Version : newb question - residue on hands after loading film

10-Jul-2019, 19:14
Hi all - large format newb here. I loaded my first 4x5 film holders fairly easily after watching a few youtube videos. I wore latex gloves because I was worried about sweaty hands and fingerprints.

After I took my hands out of the bag I noticed the gloves had some black residue on them. Is this normal? Any idea what might have caused this? Just worried before I actually start making pictures.

thanks in advance.

Leszek Vogt
10-Jul-2019, 20:19
I'd take my chances not wearing gloves (which I've done previously). If I was to wear them, it would be really high-end type (cotton) that don't shed any lint.


10-Jul-2019, 20:39
I wash my hands throughly before loading film holders--make sure they're good and dry--and I've never left fingerprints or otherwise caused any film damage. But, then again, I don't use a changing tent.

10-Jul-2019, 20:49
Is the residue dry and flakey?
If so, maybe the lining of the dark bag is deteriorating.
Is the residue moist ?
Maybe your sweat is dissolving the anti-halation backing off the film.
I wouldn't recommend latex gloves in a changing bag, they make my hands sweat. (YMMV.)

10-Jul-2019, 21:20
Is the residue dry and flakey?
If so, maybe the lining of the dark bag is deteriorating.

That's my best guess, too. I would not trust the film that was loaded.

11-Jul-2019, 07:10
Dark bag is brand new.

Residue was dry, but not flakey. I'm wondering if it had something to do with the sweat and the latex gloves like mentioned.
Will try some more film without gloves.

Jim Noel
11-Jul-2019, 08:07
The changing bag may be new to you, but how long has it languished in a warehouse + store shelves since it was made? I would turn it inside out and vacuum it as a first step.

Jim Michael
11-Jul-2019, 08:25
I would think any moisture would be contained in the gloves. Do the gloves acquire a residue from handling the film holders?

Peter De Smidt
11-Jul-2019, 08:32
Are the holders old? Is there any flaking on them? Is the tape at the bottom at all powdery? Like many here, I don't use gloves. Instead, I wash and dry my hands using Dawn, which doesn't have any oils in it, unlike some hand soaps, and I'm careful to only handle the film by the edges.

Ken Lee
11-Jul-2019, 09:04
I wash my hands with soap and water, then use rubbing alcohol to remove oils completely. I don't use gloves.

11-Jul-2019, 12:21
I just load film and handle by the edges. Never had an issue. L