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Fred L
8-Jul-2019, 17:01
Hope this is the right sub forum.

Trying to find SpotPens, which are no longer available, or made. Was a replacement product ever made or will I need to keep at it with my 000 brushes and Spotone ?


Jim Noel
9-Jul-2019, 10:59
Your brushes plus water colors will beat the work done by Spotpens.

9-Jul-2019, 12:35
Fred, I don't know you spotting needs, but although I started out decades ago with the recommended 000 brush, I later found that a fine sable 0 brush was more efficient. It is not the size per se, because a carefully chosen 0 can pin-point a tiny speck as well. However, it holds more toning fluid and has the added control for slightly larger areas as well. The extra size closer to the ferrule also, for me, offers more control than I got with the few hairs of the 000. There are different techniques and preferences, of course.

Tin Can
9-Jul-2019, 14:03
I believe that Jim.

My wife used almost nothing to retouch negatives.

As late as 1991 she was sent Playboy 8X10 chromes which she mysteriously retouched at the dining table. A brush, a palette, only sunlight over her shoulder.

Marnie never let me see the chromes or her technique, they were returned by messenger. 50 miles from Chicago.

The home we bought had 30 years of heavy smoking, 2 people, the walls dripped yellow nicotine. She removed all that, then painted everything exactly how she wanted. Not an easy task, took months.

We were settled, then Marnie had me sit for a full size painting. That took over a year, Old Master style. Rembrandt.

When it was done, we were done. RIP Marnie.

No I didn't

Your brushes plus water colors will beat the work done by Spotpens.