View Full Version : Sinar lens (schneider) 9.4f/480mm Symmar??

david, Kwon
4-Nov-2005, 10:13

I am looking for some lens for my LF camera,

I found a "Sinar lens (schneider-Kreuznach) 9.4f/480mm Symmar-S" from ebay,

but I coundnt find infomation of this lense,,

does anyone know about this lense? and how much worth it?


Ernest Purdum
4-Nov-2005, 10:41
Ooh! that's a big one.

You don't say what format size you have. This lens would be rather more than required by most people. It's big, (105mm front filter size) it's heavy (1.68 kilograms) and it is in a #3 shutter, so it's not exactly a backpacker's dream. The image circle is 500mm. (Not all that much more than the 360mm version, by the way.) On one of the more common format sizes, unless you are careful with a compendium lens-shade, there will be a lot of light coming in that is not part of the image. Some of that light may wind up on the film.

On the other hand, if you need this much coverage, either because of format size, liberal use of movements, or both, it's a very good lens and there are not all that many in that focal length available. I think it would be most useful for in-studio product photography.

Regarding price, I doubt if there would be enough of them on the market to keep the price range narrow. As always, condition should be a major factor in deciding how much you are willing to pay.

4-Nov-2005, 18:08

Are you sure of the f-stop? They usually come in 6.8, 8, and 11...

Anyway, as Ernest said, "It's big." You'll need a Sherpa to haul it around.

It'll cover 11x14...

"I am looking for some lens for my LF camera,"

Is this your first lens?


Jeff Dyck
4-Nov-2005, 20:53
Hi David,

Did you look in the "Vintage Lens Data" section on the Schneider website? --> Here (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/symmar-s/data/1,9,4-480mm.html)

Oren Grad
4-Nov-2005, 21:29
A 480 Symmar-S factory-mounted in Copal 3 will be marked with a maximum aperture f/8.4, in a Compur or Prontor Pro it will likely be found with maximum aperture f/9.4.

I wouldn't pay more than about $1200 for a 480 Symmar-S in absolutely mint condition, less if there is cosmetic wear.

What format are you using, and what do you intend to photograph? The 480 Symmar-S is a fine lens, but as Ernest pointed out, it's really, really big and heavy - too big for many field cameras in smaller formats like 4x5, and quite a nuisance to carry around even if your camera is sturdy enough to mount it safely. There are very few users and situations for which this lens would be a good initial choice - it's more of a special-purpose tool.

david, Kwon
4-Nov-2005, 22:38
Thanks for reply all you guy~

Actully, I am using linhof 5x4, but I am really willing to buy 10x8 camera as well.

so, I am looking for 1st lens which can coverr more than 10x8 :-)

and Mr Oren Grad, Do you mean 480 Symmar-S f8.4 and 480 symmar-s f9.8 are same lens?

Just diffrent Aperture depends on shutter?


5-Nov-2005, 04:44

Thanks for the info...


Oren Grad
5-Nov-2005, 10:24
Do you mean 480 Symmar-S f8.4 and 480 symmar-s f9.8 are same lens?

Just diffrent Aperture depends on shutter?


If you're looking for a first lens for 8x10, there are many lenses in the 300 and 360 focal lengths that will be smaller, lighter, less expensive and more broadly useful than a 480. If you can tell us what kinds of things you like to photograph, and whether you want to work in the studio or the field, folks here can give you lots of suggestions.