View Full Version : Toyo Deluxe 5x7

Ed Richards
4-Nov-2005, 06:45
Anyone have one of these? I am looking for a cheap 5x7 to mess around with, but I need one that will let me use a 90mm lens. I cannot tell from the pictures I have seen of this camera whether you can put both standards on one side of the rail to use a wide angle lens.

Ralph Barker
4-Nov-2005, 07:11
I haven't seen one of the 5x7 models, but if it's made like the other Toyos, the offset on the standards allow them to be quite close together when snugged up to the tripod collar. Thus, I'd be very surprised if a 90mm lens wouldn't focus to infinity. The downside is that movements would be limited with the bellows compressed that much. You'd get more flexibility by using a bag bellows.

Ed Richards
4-Nov-2005, 08:13
Thanks! I am not sure my 90 would provide much in the way of m0vements on 5x7 anyway.

Brad Keith
5-Nov-2005, 08:53
I had a 4x5 version of this a few years ago. It would BARELY allow me to use a 90mm even with the specialty recessed lens board. I got rid of it and got a Wista. Recently, I picked up a 5x7 version of the Linhoff Technika and it takes a 90mm with no problem. Now all I need is a 90mm that doesn't vignette on 5x7. My old Caltar just doesn't cut it. I would tend to recomment that you stay away from this one if you really need wide angle coverage. It was more of a studio camera.