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3-Jul-2019, 00:31
Hi all,

Yesterday I noticed that my lens board (from Intrepid copal 0 with a 150mm lens) is no longer firmly attached to the camera, the lens board moves from left to right and also from front to back, I notice this when I change the diafragma or open/close the lens even when using the shutter trigger.
I have the impression that the plate to attach the lens (above the lens board) moves forwards and backwards.
In the meantime, I have already sent an email to the manufacturer, but if someone here has a quick solution as I leave on vacation within 3 weeks.
I thought to attach a foam between the lens board and the camera, anyone some tips.


Peter De Smidt
3-Jul-2019, 04:42
Tightening the bolts on the lens lock mechanism doesn't help? Don't tighten too much or you won't be able to move the slide. I have a lens board that's a bit thinner than normal. I slipped a business card between the board the sliding lock, and that helped. The locking tap really should be angled in to the board, as it is on better designs.

5-Jul-2019, 17:54
Interesting that you have the same problem I have just noticed on my new 8x10 MK II. The Intrepid board that fitted fine on previous model is sloppy in all directions. I tried packing out with tape and seemed snug then decided to test for light lights and looking through the back shining a torch around the board created a glowing halo of light around the back circle. The same occurs with another make of board so it appears to be the standard itself. I have had to put black tape around the front of it to make a light seal. Not exactly ideal for swapping lenses and collapsing the camera.

Peter De Smidt
5-Jul-2019, 18:44
Yeah, dimensional exactness is not a strength of the camera. I don't know if this will help, but I blackened all of the wood in light trap areas, as well as wood inside the bellows, using a couple of coats of Ultra Black India ink. I also use an adapter board. In my case, for Toyo field boards. Technika boards are also an option. The closure on my adapter is much better than on the Intrepid. As a result, I locked down the bolts on the Intrepid such that the lens board mechanism is fixed closed. In other words, I'll always attach lenses using the adapter. I'll have to check for leaks, possibly adding black foam seals if needed.

My biggest challenge with the camera is inserting and removing holders. The Intrepid system is poorly designed.

6-Jul-2019, 03:19
After some investigation I saw that the copper pieces that are in the wood are coming out, after recomendation of Intrepid I have pushed them back, but after 4 lens changes they are coming out again.
As I’m going early next week to France for a one day phototrip i’m going to push them back in, and put some glue on the edge and hopefully this will work.
I’m also keeping Intrepid informed of what is happening.

I’ts a bit sorry that these problem happen, I was really happy with this camera because I’ts the only one I know that I can carry around because of the weight.

Andrea Gazzoni
9-Jul-2019, 08:11
My biggest challenge with the camera is inserting and removing holders. The Intrepid system is poorly designed.

Intrepid should consider a replacement of sorts, the back is really an issue as it is.
Otherwise the camera is a real upgrade to the first version as for focusing, stability, etc...

17-Jul-2019, 09:21
It seems that the glue is working, keeping my fingers crossed as I am going on holliday in 10 day’s with the camera