View Full Version : SCHNEIDER SUPER-ANGULON 5.6/75

jan kudej
3-Nov-2005, 14:25
hi, do you have experiences with schneider super - angulon 5.6/75 used on linhof III ? is it good lens or is there a better solution?i would like use it for architecture.thank you.jan

Christopher Perez
3-Nov-2005, 14:51
Just remember that when you shoot verticals that you'll need to drop the front bed and rise the lens board to center your image. Failure to do this will leave you with images that include the front edge of your focusing rails.

Other than this, have a good time. The lens you mention would be wonderful from f/11 through f/22.

Jeffrey Sipress
3-Nov-2005, 15:57
That's a great lens. Works for me. Doesn't matter what camera it's on. They're all just boxes of air, though I love mine.

3-Nov-2005, 18:00
So tell me - what is the virtue of the F5.6? Certainly, it is a full stop faster which makes for better viewing on the ground glass, but by the comments here it seems that to make the picture, one has to stop-down to the same Fs that the F8 uses.

Is it really worthwhile to spend the $ for the F5.6 for one crummy stop? In my own world, the answer is No Way! I mean, if a person is experienced enough, he doesn't really need a bright full GG view to make the picture; experience fills in the rest.

Just my 10 (x0) bits worth.

Robert Ley
3-Nov-2005, 19:05
I believe that the virtue of the f5.6 vs the f8 is close to 20 more millimeters of image circle. That may not seem like much, but if you need that little extra movement you know that it is there.

Scott Fleming
3-Nov-2005, 19:22
Odd that this thread should pop up today. I just opened the fantastically boxed and packaged example of this lens sold to me by Doug Meeks on ebay. Sure like the size of the little bugger compared to the 72mm SAXL I once owned. Been playing with it a bit and it certainly has all the coverage I could ever use. Looking foreward to using my 6 x 9 back more now.

neil poulsen
4-Nov-2005, 01:49
I've heard that the f5.6 S.A.'s are a bit sharper. They have 8 elements in four groups, versus 6 elements in four groups for the f8 versions.