View Full Version : Recommended negative storage for 5x7, 8x10

Ken Lee
3-Nov-2005, 10:36
I recently bought some transparent 8x10 negative sleeves (for storing negatives in case I am using the wrong term here) at a local camera store. Although the sleeves fit nicely into a 3-ring binder, the negatives just barely fit, and it's a real annoyance to remove them or insert them - even a risk to scratching and damaging the film.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated... Thanks !

Jon Shiu
3-Nov-2005, 10:45
I just use the letter size Avery sheet protectors, which are polyprop. Likely has some slip chemical, so not totally archival, but I'm not concerned that the negs last forever.


3-Nov-2005, 11:07
The Office Depot brand sheet protectors (8 1/2 x11) claim to be archival. Costs a little more than seven dollars for 100, so I use them for all of my sheet film sizes.

jonathan smith
4-Nov-2005, 02:22
I love glassine sleeves, I get them at Calumet

David A. Goldfarb
4-Nov-2005, 06:02
I also like glassine sleeves, but keep them dry or you'll have a disaster, and I've read a recommendation from a conservator always to insert the negative with the base side toward the seam.

michael meyer
4-Nov-2005, 08:20
i'd rather get my negs in glassine wet than those in plastic. salvaging would be easier... however keeping everything dry in the first place is a good plan.

i keep all my negs in glassine envelopes stored vertically in flip top boxes. i get the glassine envelopes at adorama and my boxes either at the same place or at Talas. for most things archival or storage, Talas is a great resource, especially if you're in nyc.



tim atherton
4-Nov-2005, 08:41
Fold-lock type Mylar sleeve that you can just open up and put the neg into without having to slide it in. Find a museum and archives supply store online - the price is usually fair (some people aren't too keen on the slight seam - watch out for forcing two many sleeves together tightly).

Glassine can give you all sorts of grief - all the conservators I know would be getting them out of those as soon as possible. I also wouldn't trust any of the softer Avery or office depot type stuff - it often has additives to make the material "softer" and easier to handle which can can have a negative effect. And many in of the the Polypropylene types some manufacturers put on a surface coating to enable negatives to slip in and out more easily. But the coating is problematic from a longevity point of view

Most standard and probably safest are your archives standard basic cardboard sleeves - but we photographers like to be able to peer at our negs...

Joel Brown
4-Nov-2005, 11:38
I have been using the polypropylene interleaving folders along with Balanced Seam flap storage envelopes, all from Light Impressions. I then store them in Fine Art Supply's Hardwood box.