View Full Version : Where can I find tiese parts?

25-Jun-2019, 13:12
i'm looking for this arm for my speed. Not sure of the technical name, but it's the front shutter release arm. Specifically I need one for a 4x5 speed and a 127 Ektar in a Supermatic shutter. I've looked online and had no luck, at one point I had a bag full but gave them all away for fellow photogs. I also need the tiny screws for the focus stops for a 4x5 Packemaker, if anyone has a source can you let me know?


25-Jun-2019, 13:47

26-Jun-2019, 02:10

Apparently you didn't read my initial post.

Anyone else?

26-Jun-2019, 07:41
I bought the very same parts off eBay just several months ago. At any rate, good luck with your search.

26-Jun-2019, 08:35
I doubt you'll ever find just the arm or screws, you'll have to buy the whole set...
Found both on the bay today - search 'Graflex shutter release' and 'pacemaker infinity stop'.
You could make an arm from steel or brass rod from a hobby store...