View Full Version : Any alternatives to a Cambo tripod mount?

Jim McD
2-Nov-2005, 18:11
I picked up a Cambo SC 4X5 at a yard sale and I want to play with it before deciding to keep it or sell it. The trouble is that it did not come with a tripod/rail mount, and Calumet wants about $125 for a new one (ripoff). There was one on E*ay a month ago, but I lost at a $50 bid-apparantly I'm not the only one looking for one of these.

Does anyone have any ideas as to alternative tripod/rail mounts? The monorail is pretty standard 1" square aluminum stock. I considered a Bender mount, I recall it used 1" bar stock for its rail.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Frank Petronio
2-Nov-2005, 19:11
Lots of people hold their monorails with Bogen Superclamps with the appropriate stud (1/4-20 female). Not pretty but very secure.

Frank Petronio
3-Nov-2005, 18:43
Would this work?