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Robert Skeoch
2-Nov-2005, 16:51
I know that 4x5 is more popular than 8x10. Does anyone know approximately the ratio. Just looking for a rough idea... I'm guessing five to one.
Where do the other sizes fit in. 5x7.... over 8x10.....
Of the panoramic cameras is 7x17 the most popular.
I'm just looking for a rough idea.
Thanks again for all your input.

And as is mentioned everyday on this site.
The is a great site. Thanks guys.

-Rob Skeoch

John Berry ( Roadkill )
2-Nov-2005, 17:08
Is it poll time? I have both but doing 8x10 at the moment.

QT Luong
2-Nov-2005, 17:12
In the old poll conducted years ago (linked from the home page), 50% used 4x5 and 10% 8x10 as their primary format.

Brian Vuillemenot
2-Nov-2005, 17:39
It would also be interesting to see how color vs. black and white affects that ratio. I would expect that far more of the 8X10 shooters are using B&W, and that the vast majority of color shooters use 4X5. One thing I would be interested in is how many large format shooters are there in the US, how many in the world, and how it breaks down as to format size and color vs. B&W.

Nigel Smith
2-Nov-2005, 17:49
off the local LF shooters I know, none shoot colour.

2-Nov-2005, 18:06
Time for another up-to-date poll, of just the LF shooters

John Bowen
2-Nov-2005, 18:27
4x5 = b&w
8x10 = b&W

Currently shooting 8x10 10:1 vs 4x5


Walt Calahan
2-Nov-2005, 18:37
8x10 - all color

I prefer 8x10 over 4x5. Guess I'm into the acreage. HA!

4x5 - mix, color and B&W (mostly Polaroid Type 55)

Steve Hamley
2-Nov-2005, 18:54
4x5 color and B&W, 90%

8x10 color and B&W (mostly B&W), 10% and growing

8x20 B&W, 0% (just bought it)


Donald Brewster
2-Nov-2005, 18:56
I'm at that awkward stage -- 8x10 is getting too heavy and I can't see the 4x5. All mostly B&W. I save the color for the small cameras.

2-Nov-2005, 19:05
#1 is MF in Agfa apx 100 in 'blads. I am down to two cases of the film; when I run out then it's the end.

4x5 is all the rest. J&C is our savior.

Andrew O'Neill
2-Nov-2005, 19:27
8x10 95% of the time;4x5 5%. B&W only. HP5+, FP4+, Efke 25

Ed K.
2-Nov-2005, 20:03
Look in the film storage at a pro camera store....they stock based on sales usually.

My local store has only a little 8x10 color on-hand, and most 4x5 films in stock.

6x17 is popular for Panoramic format; Fuji 6x17 used here, but about to

start doing 4x10 and cropping a tad if needed to please someone.

5x7 seems most loved by other photogs I've met, at least for the smaller

camera and ideal frame aspect. Hardly any film available without ordering

it online, and almost the same costs and time to develop as 8x10.

This shooter, largeformat over the last few months:

80% 8x10, 20% 4x5

60% color 40% B&W - 4x5 mostly B&W, including Type55

Have 5x7, hardly use it, but thinking about it. One's camera makes a big difference

Some favs 100 Velvia (not F), Efke 25, FP4+, HP5, Acros 100

Recent favorite soups for B&W - Rodinal, Pyrocat-HD, DDX for Acros

8x10 taking over here, for all the trouble, might as well have a nice big chrome/neg

At least 4x5 fits in most enlargers!

Thank goodness for J&C too - Efke 25 is really special stuff.

Of the 8x10 shooters, it would be interesting to know how many are itchin' for

a much larger size still? ( or already shoot the larger sizes ).

John Kasaian
2-Nov-2005, 20:04
Currently 8x10 B&W 100% The other formats come into play when neccesary.

James Bleifus
2-Nov-2005, 20:16
8X10 30% of the time, 5X7 70% of the time. All black and white. When I switched to 8X10 I thought I'd shoot it all the time but I've found I still love 5X7.

Cheers, James

Diane Maher
2-Nov-2005, 20:17
8x10 b/w 98%, 8x10 color 2%. Other formats here and there when needed.

Frank Petronio
2-Nov-2005, 20:23
After 22 years of 4x5 and only occasionally renting or barrowing an 8x10, I am about to embark on going "all" 8x10. Except for digital. I'll shoot 200 digital photos for every 8x10 shot. I need a bigger quality jump from today's digital if I am going to hassle with film and all...

2-Nov-2005, 20:59
mostly 5x7

then 4x5 and then 8x10

don't know percentages, but if i were to guess i would say maybe 50-40-10

most all black and white ..

Brad Rippe
2-Nov-2005, 21:01
Hi Rob,

Currently I'm 100% b&w 4 by 5, (my choice since 1974) Years ago I worked in a studio with an 8 by 10 sinar, and I'm looking for a used lightweight wood 8 by 10 to take out in the field, b&w as well. I would enlarge the 8 by 10 using a home built enlarger (very simple, just two interlocking boxes) and a 305 G-Claron lens for enlarging. I very occasionally use Kodak porta 160 in readyloads. I use Tri-X developed in HC-110, and print on Ilford multigrade fiber paper.


2-Nov-2005, 21:22
Hi Rob,

I shoot mostly 4x5 but have just bought a Dorff 5x7. I suspect I'll still shoot 4x5 the majority of the time since 5x7 color transparency film is very expensive relative to 4x5 and hard to access up here in Canada.

Thankfully, the 5x7 came with a 4x5 reducing back. :)

Shooting 4x5... I use color transparency most (95%) of the time and B&W the balance.

Shooting 5x7... I suspect it'll be 95% B&W and the balance color transparency.

8x10 still isn't out of the question though... I'm still hunting for one at the moment! :)


Jim Ewins
2-Nov-2005, 21:53
I got my 8x10/5x7 several months ago so have no data on that but with 4x5 perhaps 50% color (80%transp). On fast moving trips 95 % digital. I've got to slow down.

Eric Leppanen
2-Nov-2005, 22:19
These days I shoot about 85% 8x10 (even mix between B&W and color) and 15% 4x5 (same). I shoot color chrome and Tmax-100 unless I need the speed or exposure latitude of Fuji 160S or HP5+, respectively. The 4x5 gets used only if I need a smaller camera (longer hikes, tight fits into enclosed spaces, airline carry-on requirements, etc.) or require more depth-of-field than the 8x10 can offer.

2-Nov-2005, 22:33
Its hard to use that teeny little 4x5 once you've gazed into an 8x10. I rarely use my 4x5 except for color. I sure wouldnt throw away an 11x14 if I stumbled across a cheap one either, though I have no desire to go bigger than that. Its hard enough paying for 8x10.

Antonio Corcuera
3-Nov-2005, 01:08
4x5: 75%
6x12: 25%
Color (trannies for commercial work, neg for personal): 90%
B/W: 10%
Country: Spain - all film ordered online

Ole Tjugen
3-Nov-2005, 01:24
B&W: 75% 5x7"/ 13x18cm, 20% 9x12cm, 2% 4x5", 2% 18x24cm, 1% 30x40cm.
Colour: 60% 13x18cm, 40% 4x5".

Oh - and a little 6.5x9cm B&W too...

Calamity Jane
3-Nov-2005, 02:36
75% is 4x5

25% is 8x10

I have a 5x7 but haven't even bothered buying holders yet.

60% of my shooting is "alternative" processes (mainly wet plate right now) and I shoot some 4x5 B&W film to make "fake tintypes".

30% B&W

10% colour (E-6)

Janko Belaj
3-Nov-2005, 05:11
4x5" - chromes, 30%
9x12cm - b&w, 50%
8x10" and 18x24cm - b&w, 20%
my whish is to do all b&w in 8x10, but sometimes it just isn't handy...

tor kviljo
3-Nov-2005, 05:22
Nowadays 90% 5"x7" chromes (oh - really "half-plate" 4 3/4" x 6 1/2" ) as long as my current supply of velvia last, 10% 4"x5", color-neg & trannies. A 8"x10" is to be ready again this month & be put in use - Two years since I had a camera for that format. When 5"x7" supply is out - I guess I will find myself doing about 75/25 on 4"x5"/8"x10", mostly chrome - some color-neg. a few B&W .

William D. Lester
3-Nov-2005, 05:42
4x5 with 100% Black and White

Don Wallace
3-Nov-2005, 05:55
4x5 = 70%, bw and colour, neg and reversal
8x10=20%, bw only
5x7 back on my 8x10=10%, bw only

I also shoot 6x7.

Who is going to compile all the stats?

Matt Miller
3-Nov-2005, 06:27
Right now it's 100% 3x4 B&W, as I'm in between 8x10 cameras. When Bruce Wehman's next run of cameras is done, I'll be back to 90% 8x10 and 10% 3x4, all B&W.

Wilbur Wong
3-Nov-2005, 06:35
100% color neg 4 x 5.

Walter Foscari
3-Nov-2005, 06:59
100% 4x5 B&W.

Simon Knight
3-Nov-2005, 08:00
80% 4x5 (75% B&W, 25% Color)
20% 8x10 (100% B&W for silver or palladium/platinum contact printing)

Harley Goldman
3-Nov-2005, 08:15
4x5 color 98%
4x5 B&W 2%

3-Nov-2005, 09:19
For my self its 20/80 - 8x10 / 4x5
The general market on LF here in europe is propably 1 /99.
Fuji Denmark just stopped stocking LF film....even 4x5. Kodak here is down to a small office with 2 employees.

This forum is the last defence on LF / ULF...we are superior to others - we know quality when we see it :-) he he

3-Nov-2005, 09:32
I just upgraded to shooting 8x10 around home, and still shoot 4x5 when away on vacation. If they made 8x10 ReadyLoads, I'd be all 8x10. Count me as 100% B&W, though I still have some color remnants to use up.

5x7 sits in the closet: all the bother of 8x10 with half the payoff. IMHO.

I'm one of those (rare?) folks who dipped his toe in ULF and abandonned it. For 3 reasons, in increasing importance: 1) too expensive, 2) too much bother/weight/bulk, 3) didn't make my stuff any better.

MattM, I have discovered that for lenses up to 355mm I can use my Wehman with the front bed removed from the camera, making it easier to handle and even lighter weight. In this configuration I carry it on the tripod on my shoulder, whereas it seems kind of dangerous with the front bed attached.

Bruce Watson
3-Nov-2005, 09:47
100% 5x4.

Of that, 95% B&W.

Brett Deacon
3-Nov-2005, 11:02
100% 4x5, 100% color slide. For now.

George Losse
3-Nov-2005, 11:05
8x10 B&W 89%
8x20 B&W 10%

4x5 or 5x7 B&W 1%

Chuck Bradford
3-Nov-2005, 11:21
100% 4X5
90% Velvia 50
10% Ilford FP4 - B&W

Jim Rhoades
3-Nov-2005, 11:22
Large format is 100% B&W.
4x5 80%
5x7 10%
8x10 10%

If and when I get a 5x7 enlarger it would go to 5x7 80%

3-Nov-2005, 11:28
8x10 (or two 4x10 on one sheet) - 85%, 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 - 8%, 4x5 - 5%, 35mm/120/127 - 2%


Dan Jolicoeur
3-Nov-2005, 11:39
4x5-100% B&W

3-Nov-2005, 12:14
60% 4x5
5% 6x12 roll
35% 6x7 120 (M7)
All color Neg.

John Flavell
3-Nov-2005, 12:33
For large format, b&w, 4x5--100%.

For work: Digitial....95% The rest is whatever I think is best for projects not on hot deadlines.

Larry Mendenhall
3-Nov-2005, 13:02
4x5 only, 90 percent color 10 percent black and white. I'm looking forward to boosting the black and white up a little more.

Kevin Klazek
3-Nov-2005, 13:31
100% B&W/
80% 4x5/
When I get the Dorff fixed up (user restoration) the % 5x7 use will definitely rise.

Armin Seeholzer
3-Nov-2005, 15:38
About 5% 8x10 and from thad 95% in B/W then 30% in 4x5 60% B/W rest color 65% MF and 35 and Digital!

RJ Hicks
3-Nov-2005, 17:18
100% black and white in large format, 99% of that 4x5, the rest 8x10 on my ancient Cambo.
If I shoot color, I do it with my pentax or my leica.

Robert Skeoch
3-Nov-2005, 18:12
This is what we have so far..... this is not all that scientific .... if you said you shot 95% or higher in one format I counted that as "a shoot only". Many people didn't mention if they shot b&w or color since that wasn't the original question.
Not as many ULF as I thought there would be.
I thought way more would be shooting 5x7 but as CXC said '5x7 sits in the closet: all the bother of 8x10 with half the payoff. IMHO.'
Anyway I'll recalculate again in a couple days.

-Rob Skeoch

shoot some 4x5 14

shoot mostly 4x5 10

shoot only 4x5 14

shoot some 5x7 7

shoot mostly 5x7 3

shoot only 5x7 1

shoot some 8x10 11

shoot mostly 8x10 8

shoot only 8x10 5

shoot only ULF

shoot some ULF 2

shoot mostly ULF

shoot mostly b&w 8

shoot only b&w 19

shoot only color 7

shoot mostly color 7

Frank Bagbey
3-Nov-2005, 19:26
If it is not too late:
Normally I shoot all 8x10 triX and all 4x5 Velvia.
This year I have been shooting 5x7 triX, instead.

Dave Moeller
3-Nov-2005, 20:06
4x5 B&W: 70%
4x5 Color: 5%
8x10 B&W: 25%

But moving more toward 8x10 B&W, and expect to be over 50% 8x10 B&W next year.

Paul Cocklin
3-Nov-2005, 20:48
50% 4x5 chromes
40% 4x5 B+W
5% 4x5 color neg.
4% 6x7 chromes with a C2 roll holder
1% polaroid 55
100% dreaming about getting an 8x10

= -$a lot of money....

Doug Dolde
4-Nov-2005, 16:47
4x5 color transparency. 100%

Sanders McNew
4-Nov-2005, 22:23
70% 4x5

30% 5x7

100% B+W


5-Nov-2005, 00:21
100% 4x5, 100% color transparency.

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
5-Nov-2005, 15:20
4x5: About 60 % B%W, 40 % color transparency

E. Zeybekoglu

5-Nov-2005, 16:03
100% 4x5 B&W

William Mortensen
6-Nov-2005, 20:55
Jumping in late as my computer has been acting like a computer for the last few days...

I shoot 8x10 always these days, and while I have a very nice 8x10 enlarger, I prefer contact printing.

But I must confess I often crop the image a bit, sometimes off one side to change the aspect ratio, and sometimes a bit off all four sides to bring the print down to the old whole plate size (6.5"x8.5"), just because I'm very fond of that format, (it's really quite an elegant rectangle). I've also cropped a couple of recent images to 4x10, just out of curiosity to work in a "panorama" format, though the prints are not traditional panoramic views.

I'm quick to point out here that the cropping is always done "pre-exposure," though I suppose you'd have to take my word for it. After working in 8x10 for so long, I'm always very aware of those dimensions when looking at a precisely 8x10 image. Some take it as a point of pride or discipline to stay exactly at that size, uncropped, but it seems rather arbitrary to me. I'm curious whether others abuse their formats similarly?

And what's this "color" photography you guys keep talking about??? Some new kind of HP5?

Robert Skeoch
7-Nov-2005, 12:01
This is where we're at.

-Rob Skeoch

shoot some 4x5 15

shoot mostly 4x5 12

shoot only 4x5 19

shoot some 5x7 9

shoot mostly 5x7 3

shoot only 5x7 1

shoot some 8x10 13

shoot mostly 8x10 8

shoot only 8x10 6

shoot only ULF

shoot some ULF 2

shoot mostly ULF

shoot mostly b&w 12

shoot only b&w 21

shoot only color 9

shoot mostly color 11