View Full Version : Streaks on 8x10 / E6 processing

Tom Cuccio
23-Jun-2019, 15:24
192696[ATTACH I have been troubled with streaks showing up on brighter skies and snow landscapes.

-Velvia 8x10
-Fuji Hunt chrome 6x Processing kit
-Jobo 2500 drum. Using a rotating wheel to process.

Any ideas?


24-Jun-2019, 10:28
A 2500 drum for 8x10 E6 film? Sounds like a setup that's going to need some serious tweaking in order to get to work properly.
Fist thing I see is unevenness due to pour-in of developer while the drum was vertical before proper agitation began. Second issue seems to be related to the interaction between developer volume, agitation speed & pattern and possibly the drum not being perfectly level.
To be honest, I'm not sure if it's possible to get this setup to work reliably and consistently. Perhaps with B&W, but with color, I think it will be quite challenging.

24-Jun-2019, 12:41
Not sure how you'd properly handle temp control (for color) using a manual or motorized base, but as far as the drum is concerned get an Expert Drum.