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23-Jun-2019, 12:28
Anybody know what happened to ssfilmholders.com? Tried to visit there today and the website is not found.

Oren Grad
23-Jun-2019, 12:45
I'm sure Sandy will comment if he sees this. But they went out of business some years ago.

Fred L
23-Jun-2019, 18:09
when I was looking for a few more ulf holders, Sandy said he still has stock of some holders. But yeah, best to email him.

23-Jun-2019, 18:27
Anybody know what happened to ssfilmholders.com? Tried to visit there today and the website is not found.

As Oren mentioned we quit producing holders several years ago and took down the website a year or so ago.

Briefly, S&S was a joint business of Sam Wang and me, thus the S&S. Sam was a colleague of mine at Clemson University and we both became interested in ULF cameras in the late 1980s or early 1990s after seeing some of Dick Arentz's platinum printing with 7X7 and 12X20 cameras. Our original intention was to have some holders made for our own use, later by word of mouth we began having holders made for our friends, and eventually set up a business in late 1990s. We sold a lot of holders in the early 2000s but the great recession of 2008 resulted in a dramatic decrease in demand for ULF holders. Our main woodworker during the entire operation of the business was located in Bristol, Tennessee, and we first made contact with Richard through a photographer who worked at Appalachian State. When Richard was forced to retire prematurely Sam and I decided to close the business and devote our time to our own photography rather than train someone else to make the holders, which requires more skill and knowledge than many might understand, especially since most of the ULF sizes do not have any ANSI standard, just a kind of standard (Korona, F&S, etc.).

I personally used ULF, primarily 7X17 and 12X20, until 2011, when two rotary cuff surgeries convinced me it was time to move on to smaller cameras.

If you purchased any of our holders thank you for the business, and hope you continue to have good light when you put them in your camera.


23-Jun-2019, 21:16
Thank you, all.