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Kevin J. Kolosky
22-Jun-2019, 12:18
Has anyone here taken apart a sinar camera?

Bill McMannis
22-Jun-2019, 12:39
Its been a while, but yes. Which model are you concerned about?

Drew Wiley
22-Jun-2019, 12:39
Yep. But you have to indicate the specific model and format.

Kevin J. Kolosky
22-Jun-2019, 13:10
what I want to know is whether there are schematics available for the various cameras for folks that want to take them apart.

Peter De Smidt
22-Jun-2019, 14:03
Sure. There are various repair manuals floating about.

Jerry Bodine
22-Jun-2019, 17:45
You'll also need to know how to put it back together again; proper cleaning / proper lubricants / adjustments / etc.

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Jun-2019, 13:58
Ok. Cannot seem to find a manual, so I will just ask the question and see if anyone knows he answer.

Received a Sinar F camera with some other stuff I bought for the P2. F is in nice shape, but has a couple of issue. One of them is this.

On the rear standard the hold down stay (for lack of a better word or words) for the swing and shift doesn't seem to be working properly, although when I take it apart, and take the font standard apart, both look exactly the same and the front standard works, meaning when I move the lever over to the side it locks the swing and shift, whereas on the rear standard when I tighten the lever it does not lock the swing and shift. But again, both look exactly the same when taken apart.

What am I missing here (besides the service manual)?

Drew Wiley
25-Jun-2019, 14:19
The lock is essentially just a cam. It's meant to have just so much tolerance in tension, plus or minus, when tightened. But after long-term use, the degree of play might get worn down just too much, and need replacement as a part. The change might be hard to spot visually, but these things do wear out. There might be other answers, but that's the most obvious to me.

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Jun-2019, 16:51
I don't see how that could be. The rod that controls the tilt goes all the way through and is between the stay and the screw. A large bushing causes them not to touch. Its something else.

Tin Can
5-Jul-2019, 14:23
I also seek a Sinar Norma Parts and Disassembly manual.

I think Bernice was working on a Norma thread.

The P we have from this post.