View Full Version : Svedovsky Cameras, anyone?

Tim V
16-Jun-2019, 18:29
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone out there is using a Svedovsky camera of any size? From their website they look very well made and appointed, and very well priced.

I have read some quite old threads with one or two user experiences, but wonder if anyone else has something to add.



27-Jun-2019, 08:49
5x7, 8x10, 11 x14 cameras

Steven Tribe
27-Jun-2019, 11:40
I think the OP is after recent user experiences and long term usage, rather than a link to the maker's website!

The original buyers' comments talked about it being built to a sensible standard.

Tim V
27-Jun-2019, 18:05
Thanks, yes. I was hoping someone here could share an honest view / opinion.
They look really well made and very well priced.