View Full Version : Any good?

John Kasaian
13-Jun-2019, 17:03
So it was dropped off this morning, three happy Kodak Yellow containers, I'm guessing circa 1960s.
Because I have a wet dark room and I must need chemicals so who better to give it to than me?
CP-5 bleach, CP-5 formalin fixer and CP-5 stop-fixer.
All the containers have the skull and cross bones and when I give 'em a shake, they sound, well, crusty.
Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, what can I do with this stuff?
Could it be any good?
Is it a much sought after treasure by the Kodak-istas?
How do I get rid of it?

Drew Wiley
13-Jun-2019, 17:10
Sounds like something guys on the logging crews drank, if it were just a little stronger.