View Full Version : How to attach bellows lens hood to a lens w/o a rod (as pictured in Sinar catalogue)

Magne G.
13-Jun-2019, 03:05
I have a sinar p2 with an additional multipurpose standard, an additional bellows and a bellows hood mask. I also have bellows holders, but no rods.

The Sinar System Catalogue from 2000/2001 (p. 3-11) has a picture of this bellows lens hood setup. In the front the bellows is attached to the back of the multipurpose standard, but how is the bellows attached to the lens? The normal way of attaching it to a standard is already used for the lens mount.


Bernice Loui
13-Jun-2019, 08:01
*Adjustable mask shade on any Sinar front standard, front side.

*Back side of this front standard attach a standard 4x5 bellows with a bellows shade clip on the other end of the bellows.

*Apply a short Sinar hex filter holder/lens shade rod to the bellows clip. ** These are a must, system does not work without them **

*Insert the hex rod into the filter holder on the bottom right hand corner of the Sinar camera front standard (loosen the retaining screw to facilitate insertion if needed).

The entire assembly should look like this:

-Side the bellows forward-backwards as needed to shade the lens or adjust the lens aperture or etc as needed. Be very careful setting the adjustable lens shade blades as they can do an excellent job of reducing stray light and also clip off areas of the image to be made. These adjustable blade shade were also used for multi exposure in camera masking. It is a VERY useful device if the the capabilities and limitations of the adjustable bladed lens shade system is well understood.-


** There is no connection between the bellows shade set up to the lens. This system allows using large lenses like this Schneider 480mm f4.5 Xenar in barrel **

Lens shade system in the shaded position with the 480mm f4.5 Xenar.


Magne G.
13-Jun-2019, 10:48
Thanks for replying! So the only thing that's missing in my setup is a rod of appropriate length to connect to the bellows clip, is that correct?