View Full Version : 5 x 7 plate holder not fitting 5 x 7 back?

11-Jun-2019, 14:16
I recently picked up a wooden 5 x 7 plate holder and was surprised to see that it doesn't fit my 5 x 7 film back. The plate holder is double sided and is wider than the 5 x 7 backs that I have. Does anybody know what type of back I need to use the plate holder. Its about 3/4 inch wider than a standard 5 x 7 film holder. Thanks

11-Jun-2019, 14:37
Back then, holders were often made for just for a particular brand camera. May not be easy to find, but a more modern standard (but old) 5x7 plate holder might be easier to find and work with than trying to find a back for an odd plate holder. I have a Fidelity, so they are out there.

Oren Grad
11-Jun-2019, 14:41
What Vaughn said. I have Graflex-branded 5x7 plate holders that fit my modern 5x7 cameras. Not for sale - just mentioning it to underscore that these things exist.

Jim Noel
11-Jun-2019, 15:12
I am lucky. I have had 2 - 5x7 plate holders for several years. Recently a friend showed up with 6 different ones,which also fit both my 1905 camera (no name) and 1939 Deardorff. Now I am all set. I can go out ready too make 12 images if they appear.

11-Jun-2019, 20:30
It looks like I’m on the hunt for either new plate holders or 5 x 7 back

11-Jun-2019, 20:37
I traded away some of my 5x7 plate holders for ex+ 5x7 film holders...I still have a couple (somewhere) that I want to keep...just in case!