View Full Version : FX-1 with Expert drum

31-Oct-2005, 01:30
Would I like to know whether developing with FX-1 using an expert drum 3006(4x5 sheet film) is possible?

Bobby Sandstrom
31-Oct-2005, 07:55
Because it is a highly dilute developer I would imagine you'd lose some of the compensating effect. Plus, the idea of using it is for the great edge effects that you get by leaving the film sit without agitation.

Ole Tjugen
31-Oct-2005, 08:40
Of course it's possible. FX-1 is a simple developer that is easy to make, which can be reason enough. You won't get the adjacency effects, but those are not really that important in LF anyway.

I use Beutler's for developing large sheet films (5x7" to 12x16" in Jobo paper drums since I like the tonalities it gives - that works just great.