View Full Version : Agfa Photo —CHEMICAL DIVISION— saved?

Christopher Nisperos
30-Oct-2005, 16:38
I hear rumblings here in Europe that Agfa Photo CHEMICAL DIVISION may have been bought. Anyone else hear this?

30-Oct-2005, 17:51
No. Where did you hear it, apart from in Europe?

30-Oct-2005, 19:15
Sorry, I believe not.


30-Oct-2005, 19:19
In case you dont want to wade through the whole thread:

Three divisions were sold today.

>Fuji is interested in the Muenchen/Peiting plant, the division
>developing and producing the laboratory equipment.

The Peiting "lab plant" has been sold to the british Photo Me
International. PMI was the company interested in buying Agfaphoto as a
whole, they maintain a networt of 25000 photo booths worldwide and own
the french KIS and swiss Gretag-Macbeth (buildingt the PMI hardware)..

>The other plants are the chemical plant in Vaihingen/Enz near

Vaihingen and the Munich support center for the DLab service and spare
parts were sold to a german company, "A und O". This company is active
in IT hardware service and support and they are interested in taking
over the international support and distribution branch of AgfaPhoto,
too, delivering spare parts and chemistry to laboratories.

Sergio Caetano
31-Oct-2005, 06:36

As far as you know, does it mean some hope for film/photopaper/photochemical products ?

31-Oct-2005, 07:32
All I know is in the link that I posted. I wouldnt say there is hope but I wouldnt say all hope is lost. yet.

" > Three divisions were sold today.
> What of the division or divisions which produce
>the film and the paper?

That would be Leverkusen -the coating plant- and Windhagen, the
confectioning line for both papers and films.

No news about them - no news but "there are rumours and inquiries from
smaller companies, but no firm interest or bid".

> Those are of first interest
>to members of this NG and the silver gelatin
>group as a whole.

I´d put the chemistry on the same level of interest. "