View Full Version : efke 25 5x7/13x18?

Jan Virtanen
30-Oct-2005, 12:46
Is the efke 25 still available in odd sizes like this, or has it ever been?
And whats that np 15 film that wephota.de sells, old Orwo?
I want the efke25 look for some pics. Thanks.

Donald Qualls
30-Oct-2005, 12:59
J&C Photo has Efke PL25 in 5x7 size, but not 13x18. I'd expect fotoimpex.de to have the 13x18 (and possibly 5x7 as well).

Ole Tjugen
30-Oct-2005, 13:16
I believe that NP15 is EFKE PL25.