View Full Version : A&M 36" lens

Rob Tucher
17-Dec-1999, 11:33
Anyone out there ever hear of an A&M 36"/5.6 telephoto lens? I have one and hav e adapted it with a PVC tube, mount, the largest Packard shutter, and bellows to shoot 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 (use it for detail shots). It is HUGE and HEAVY (7" d iameter front element, 25 lbs.). All I know is what I have been told, which is that it is a military surplus, special order aerial surveilence lens. The f/sto p numbers look almost hand-done as does the "A&M" corpaorate name. It has teste d very well, though not ultra-sharp but this may be a function of the Packard or other variables and does not require much draw because of its telephoto design, but no one I know knows anything about it beyond the above. Who is A&M? Is th e description accurate? When was it made? What have I got? Thanks.