View Full Version : Uneven rendering of B&W negative

26-May-2019, 14:05
The bottom part of my scanned negative seems to be slightly darker. I'm not sure what the problem might have been. Any ideas?

26-May-2019, 19:12
See if they will return the negative and see what it might be.

Jim Noel
27-May-2019, 06:59
Possibly insufficient developer quantity

Mark Crabtree
27-May-2019, 08:30
What camera? Are those the clear edges of the negative showing or something else? It would be nice to see the whole neg, including clear edges if included.

27-May-2019, 08:37
If it looks good on the negative and does not scan right, it could be reflections in the scanner and/or light coming in the edge of the scanner, or film curling upward in the scanner.

neil poulsen
27-May-2019, 09:49
How are you developing the film, and how do you do agitation?

27-May-2019, 15:12
I'm following massive dev chart, and use the sp445 tank. The camera is a Toyo 45A. What is strange is that another negative of the same image does not have that problem and I developed it in the same tank.

The darker area is on the negative, so something must have gone wrong while developing.

I would say insufficient developer, but the two negatives were literally in the same tank at the same time.

Some of the developer was leaking, but I'm not sure why only one negative would have been affected.

27-May-2019, 16:00
You must look at the original negative. I suspect a scanning error.

27-May-2019, 16:32
You must look at the original negative. I suspect a scanning error.

The problem is on the negative, I just checked.