View Full Version : How do you store your 6x9 transparencies?

Hugh Sakols
30-Oct-2005, 10:52
I'm starting to accumulate a number of 6x9 transparencies. How do you store your 6x9 transparencies? All I have are plastic pages for entire strips of 120 film - these are awkward to use and don't really allow for transparencies to be cut into separate frames.

Al Seyle
30-Oct-2005, 11:27
Print File 120-4B clear pages. 2 frames across (cut or not cut)--8 frames per sheet.


Mark Windom
30-Oct-2005, 12:37
I mount mine in Bair transparency mounts (outer dimension of 4X5) and store them in Print File (4X5 transparency) archival pages. I then hang the pages in a steel filing cabinet.