View Full Version : My $12.00 small product light box

Michael Graves
25-May-2019, 13:36
Well, it might cost more that twelve bucks if you don't already have the fabric...but I did, so there! I went to Lowe's and bought twelve 2-foot lengths of the narrower PVC pipe. They had a bunch of those already cut to length for 50 cents each. Got two more and asked them to cut them into 1-foot lengths for the little square you see in the middle. I assembled the cube using 8 corner connectors and the square using 4 L-connectors. The little clips are Rubbermaid 3D69 back support clips. Got no clue what their actual purpose is, but they happen to be the right size for support a record album, and I'm selling about 2000 records right now and photographing the ones that need it was getting to be a pain the the a...rear. I had some diffusion materials from a box of lighting I bought several years ago and was sitting in my closet. The black fabric I'm using for the background came from the same box. But if you have to buy it, just get a couple or three yards of ripstop nylon. I set two Norman lamp heads just off parallel to the sides about 8 feet away and used about 400WS to get f16.

The record album was set into the clips and just lined up by eye. I don't think it will take much more tweaking to get the album covers really square. The Retina IIIC was just stuck in there and popped. Guess I could have squared it away a little better, but I just wanted to see the light quality.

Tin Can
25-May-2019, 15:19
Great project. I need to build one.

PVC pipe is good for many things, except water.

I made a 2" PVC 'handle' for my bed so I can get in and out. I get in OK, but getting out is the issue.

I use PEX for water