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22-May-2019, 01:41
Due to end of production / unavailability of relatively cheap one-sided green-sensitive 14x17" sheet film (Agfa CPV-B, Kodak/Carestream Ektascan BR/A) I consider moving from 7x17" to 5x12" format. I would like to cut the Fomapan 100 24x30cm halfway. But I'm not sure about the exact size of 5x12" sheet film or inner dimension of 5x12" sheet film holders.
Fomapan 24x30cm has exactly 238mmx298mm, so one half is 119mmx298mm .
Could you please write me the size in millimeters 5x12" of sheet film like HP5, FP4 or film from other manufacturers?

Thank you.

Nodda Duma
22-May-2019, 03:53

Ilford's ULF campaign is currently active and taking orders through Friday 24 May. They have both 7x17 and 5 x 12 formats listed for sale in Delta 100, FP4, and HP5.


Their distributor in the Czech Republic who you can place an order through is

FOMEI a.s.
Machkova 587, 500 11 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Tel: 49 50 56 500
Email: info@fomei.com
Web: www.fomei.com

They have both sizes listed in their online store.

You can ask them or Ilford what they cut those sizes to.

Barring that, sheet film dimensions are controlled by the ISO standard ISO 1012 : 1998, Photography - Films in sheets and rolls for general use - Dimensions. Per this standard, 5" x 12" sheet film has dimensions of 125 x 303 mm with maximum allowable tolerances of +/- 1.0 mm.

Hope this helps,


Ray Van Nes
22-May-2019, 07:09
Hello. You can also purchase x-ray film in 5 x 12" size which is identical to the normal film size. It is used for dental x-rays.

23-May-2019, 15:00
I recall Fotoimpex/Adox saying that they were gearing up for providing a cut-to-order service for their own ISO100 sheet film. It might be worth seeing what the current position is with them too.

23-May-2019, 20:18
I would expect the cut size to be approximately 126 x 304mm.

24-May-2019, 06:13
Thank you all.
It seems that cutting 24x30cm halfway for 5x12" is not a good idea.

Tin Can
24-May-2019, 06:28
China will cut to any size.

I will order some of this next week.

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