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21-May-2019, 17:24
Good day, folks!

I recently bought from a popular auctioning website a Meridian 45B camera. This will be my second large format camera (I'm currently using a Toyo View 45G).

I bought it because I was looking for a smaller camera when I'm travelling here and there. But in the same time, I wanted a field camera that has the same features (or close) as my current view camera.

I looked for Linhof and MPP, but for the price I could afford, I couldn't get a nice camera.

And then, I found this camera, a Meridian 45B that was kind of nice. Well, so far, looking at the pictures, this camera seems in good shape. And from the user manual (that I easily found on the web), This camera is closed to what I wanted. So, I made a deal and got it!

No, I'm not regretting it... not yet (and I hope not). Today, I'm turning to you, folks, to ask:
What should I know about this camera?
What should I be careful of (considering this will be my first field camera)?
Pros and cons about the 45B (I choose this one because it has a "regular" Graflex-type square lens board. Not like the 45A which has a circular lens board)?
Did I choose a good camera or did I fell into a trap (or one of the worst camera on the planet)?

I forgot to mention that this camera will be delivered with two lens boards, so I don't have to focus on that for my next research :)

Thank you in advance for your answers. And sorry if my English sounds bad for your eyes ;)

21-May-2019, 17:30
There's a short user review of your new camera here on the LFP site: https://www.largeformatphotography.info/meridian/meridian.html