View Full Version : flange to film distance Nikor M 200mm, Nikor w 105mm

Mark Cieslikowski
17-Dec-1999, 09:43
I build the Gran View Hand Held 4x5 Camera and a client that wants to mount a Ni kor M 200mm and a Nikor 105mm W lens. I am having problems locating the flange t o film distance! Any Help??? Mark Cieslikowski gview@aol.com

Robert A. Zeichner
17-Dec-1999, 22:42
The 200mm f8 Nikkor-M has an FFD of 193.7mm. The 105mm f5.6 Nikkor-W has an FFD of 103.2mm. This info is from a Nikon Large Format Lens brochure copyright 1989. Hope this helps.