View Full Version : Glass Plate Storage Suggestions?

Drew Bedo
19-May-2019, 20:16
I am groping for ways to store developed glass plates. I have seen the folding wooden dish racks for drying developed plates, but need a way to store them after processing is complete.

Any suggestions are welcome.

19-May-2019, 22:54
Drew -

I purchased some storage boxes and archival envelopes for 5x7 glass plates from Talas Online here:

I've been really happy with them and the prices are reasonable. One plate per envelope and I write the shooting/development info on the outside. The boxes have internal dividers so the plates don't shift around. I can fit 3 plates between each divider if I need to, so about 21 5x7 plates per box.
Looks like they have them from 4x5 up to 8x10.

Drew Bedo
20-May-2019, 06:21
Thanks. Looks good. I have placed a small order to get started.

Are there any effective options with re-purposed office supplies or household items?

Ssomething "good enough" from Walmart/Target maybe?

Another question: How archival does the storage of glass plate negatives need to be? Do I need to be OCD about this?

Will some type of "Tupperware" container work?

What about adapting recipe boxes or cigar boxes ?

Another random thought might be divided fiber document portfolio/folders>

Any thoughts?

Nodda Duma
20-May-2019, 10:45
Drew aside from protecting the glass from breaking my thought is store them in same conditions you would want to store film or prints.