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Michael Wellman
16-May-2019, 18:27
I was recently given 3 boxes of 16x20 Ilfachrome. Is there any way to process this? Does anyone make chemicals for this or can you manufacture the chemistry needed? I really hate to see this go to waste

17-May-2019, 08:25
Hi Michael,

You might try talking with Frank Green at the LAB CIBA in Burbank, California:


He still prints CibaChromes|IlfoChromes and may have some ideas.


Michael Wellman
17-May-2019, 14:21
Thank you.

Drew Wiley
17-May-2019, 15:06
I probably have enough unopened P3 chem on hand, but it would be a real headache to ship (hazmat - the pro liquid kits contain strong sulfuric acid). But will the paper still be good? Has it been frozen the whole time?

Bob Salomon
17-May-2019, 15:26
“hazmat - the pro liquid kits contain strong sulfuric acid”

So that is what that suffocating yellow cloud that came out when I opened my 16x20 Agnecolor processor!

Boy, was that hard to dissipate! Never tried doing that again!

Drew Wiley
19-May-2019, 14:22
The small amateur kits came with sulfamic acid powder. The pro bleach was mainly liquid sulfuric - very nasty on processing machines, drainpipes, lungs, and business licenses. But since I was a low-volume user running drums outdoors with one-shot pro chemistry, it was an easy problem. Just drain the drum after the bleach step into a bucket containing a little baking soda - instantly neutralized.

21-May-2019, 17:36
There was someone over on photrio that was working on formulating the bleach though I've not heard back from him in a long time. I too have some stored paper and no way to use it :-/