View Full Version : Feedback on Lotus 8x10 field camera

michael todd
17-Dec-1999, 03:05
I have only been able to find one short reference (which was positive) to the Eu ropean Lotus field cameras. I'm interested in an 8x10 and have found good info on other models but nothing much on Lotus. Their web site is lotusviewcamera.com . Any comments about the quality/operation of their 8x10?

Mike Todd

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Dec-1999, 12:10
I believe Michael A. Smith as well as Dan Smith, have some familiarity with Lotus products. They have both posted on this forum. Dan is shooter@brigham.net I believe. Michael A. Smiths website is http://www.michaelandpaula.com

17-Dec-1999, 18:28
I was told that Lotus was no longer being imported into the USA because they were not selling well. Any info?

George Huczek
27-Sep-2000, 20:17
I'm not really sure what you need to know. I had an opportunity to try one. In point form, here are some things I found: - very stable, long extension - extremely good range of movements - more than you need, really - precision manufacture - reasonable weight - smooth movements (with low friction materials) - exceptional woodworking - beautiful materials, aesthetic appeal - fast, logically positioned controls - sets up rapidly - front standard was an adjustable tilt after it has been locked dowm, so tilt can be adjusted while looking through the gg, as long as the extension is not too long to reach. No need to fuss with tilt while trying to keep the lens from rising and falling at the same time. - shift and swing movements are very nice. - rear swing - tight reach to controls due to knob placement between the bottom of the rear standard and the baseplate. - Reasonably lightweight for its class. - Slightly high priced compared to the competition. - does not fold up as compactly as a Wisner or a Deardorff. May be a consideration when backpacking. Slight bulk added to protruding parts when folded up. - Controls are easy to use, with four-cornered star-shaped ends. The ends protrude slightly, even when the camera is folded up. - If folded up without the lens, it would be advisable to put on a blank, uncut lensboard to keep dust out of the inside of the bellows. With the open design, the camera should also be stored and carried in a dustjacket of some sort. - The baseplate is nicely designed, with a weight-saving design.

- This is one very nice camera! It is expensive, but well worth the price. It has the traditional appeal of most LF designs, with modern technology added to improve functionality.

Alejandro Lopez de Haro
1-Apr-2001, 16:45
I have tried many wooden cameras before I decided to sell my Sinar P2 and Horseman cameras. Finally I have settle for a Lotus 8x10 and 12x20 with a reducing 8x20 frame and as well an 8x20 conversion back for the 8x10. I can honestly say, that although there are many fine large cameras, nothing comes close to the quality of the woodwork of a Lotus. Forget whatever you have ever seeing; you will be pleasantly surprise by the quality of Lotus cameras.

Another thing is service, if you call them up they are always there to answer your questions and if a rare case arrives and you camera needs service, they would do it fast.

I believe they ship around the world.