View Full Version : 4x5 Sheet Film On I-40

Scott Rosenberg
28-Oct-2005, 12:30
i am about to leave on a trip that will take me along interstate 40 from oklahoma city out to zion national park... does anyone know of a place i can stop along the way, not too far off the highway, to pick up some 4x5 velvia 100?


Aaron van de Sande
28-Oct-2005, 12:56
There are a couple of decent shops in albuquerque near the university. You would have to call ahead though because I haven't bought lf film there. Use the web yellow pages. These shops are only a few miles from 40.

Brian Schall
28-Oct-2005, 13:15
Kurt's Camera Corral, 3417 Central Ave NE, (505) 266-7766
Camera and Darkroom, 3417 Central Ave NE, (505) 255-1133
Carl's Darkroom, 2429 Quincey St NE (one block off the I-40 San Mateo exit), (505) 888-4505

Kurt's and Camera and Darkroom are full service camera stores, easy to find on Central Ave., the old Route 66. Get off on the San Mateo exit, south about two major blocks, turn left (west) on Central for 4 or 5 blocks. Both on your right. You can follow Central out to I-25, then north back to I-40.

Carl's is an E-6 specialty developer, closer to I-40 but one block up and one block over in an industrial section. A little harder to find.

Aaron van de Sande
28-Oct-2005, 13:24
Don't want to hijack, but are there any darkrooms you can rent in ABQ?

Scott Rosenberg
28-Oct-2005, 14:54
thanks aaron and brian... thanks for the great info! due to prior commitments, i will be leaving dallas around 8:00 pm so will be passing through albuquerque around 6 in the morning. i was hoping to find a place further west.


Kirk Gittings
28-Oct-2005, 15:28
Scott use Carl's they stock the best Fuji selection and turnover since they do all the processing for the pros.

Aaron, Central photo has rental darkrooms.

Aaron van de Sande
28-Oct-2005, 15:53
Your best bet would be to kill a couple hours. If you have never been out west I will say that opportunities like this are sparse. I doubt you will find anything in Flagstaff.

Stuart Lane
28-Oct-2005, 16:27
There is no lf film available in Flagstaff anymore, I was just there, and the last store that carried it closed over a year ago.

Scott Rosenberg
28-Oct-2005, 16:40
thanks, fellas... i've got it all worked out now.

Josh Z.
28-Oct-2005, 18:53
Actually that's not true, there is a lot of 4x5 activity in flagstaff. I do everything through Photographic Works and am very pleased with their E-6 development (3 hr turn around) and I know they sell plenty of Velvia 50, but I'm not sure about Velvia 100 yet (they do have 100F). Either way, it's pretty close to downtown out near Fry's on Switzer Canyon Dr.