View Full Version : Zone VI Enlarger Straight-Out 4x5 Negative Carrier

neil poulsen
28-Oct-2005, 05:02
Has anyone used the Zone VI straight-out 4x5 negative carrier for their Type II enlarger? Is it worth the extra $130 that it costs?

George Stewart
28-Oct-2005, 06:22
I purchased one many years ago and almost immediately returned it. The problem was that the side walls of the arms were too high and caused serious reflection problems on prints. The standard Zone VI 4x5 holder worked much better. The Out-Straight holder isn't needed for 4x5. With that said, the Out-Straight holder that came with the 8x10 head was fantastic!!! This 8x10 experience lead to my purchase of the 4x5 unit which was a mistake.

neil poulsen
28-Oct-2005, 14:14
George, That's what I needed. Thanks for your candid comments. I can sure see, but didn't anticipate, how that reflection could occur. I'm going for the regular variety. Neil