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Marco Annaratone
27-Oct-2005, 17:17
Would you use a Schneider IVa centerfilter for the Super Symmar XL 150mm on a Nikkor-SW 150mm? Has someone done this by any chance? If I am not mistaken the Schneider has a cos3 light fall-off while the Nikon has a cos4 fall-off, so it may not work out that well ... on paper. But in reality?

I have the filter already and an opportunity to get a Nikkor-SW 150mm, hence the reason for the question.

Thanks a million!

Michael S. Briggs
27-Oct-2005, 17:48
I think you have the illumination behaviors reversed. To their credit, Schneider publishes graphs of the relative illumination versus angle off-axis of their lenses. These graphs make it clear that the Super-Symmar-XL has the cosine to the fourth illumination of simple lens designs. In this characteristic the Super-Symmar-XL series is a step backwards in wide-coverage lens design. (Of course, the Super-Symmars have other desirable improvements such as size and weight.) Unfortunately the Japanese manufacturers don't publish similar graphs, but from the cross-section diagrams and examining the lenses, I believe that the Nikkor-SW series use the tilting pupil trick. This should improve the illumination, theoretically to cosine to the third. So I would expect the 150 mm Nikkor-SW to have more uniform illumination than the 150 mm Super-Symmar-XL. Perhaps you will find that you don't need a center filter with the Nikkor-SW, even if you find it useful with the Super-Symmar-XL. It depends on how your usages and tastes.

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Marco Annaratone
27-Oct-2005, 18:18
Thanks Michael. Yes, I got it reversed. And thanks for the links.

jarrod connerty
28-Oct-2005, 06:12
Dunno if the scenario's identical with the 150mm variants, but I use the 110XL's center filter with my 120mm SW and am more pleased with the results when employing the filter than without.