View Full Version : Using a 81-05 holder with a 81-01 processor?

Christopher Rainone
27-Oct-2005, 13:37
Hi there!

I am a beginner 8x10 polaroid transfer person...I have been slowly building my equipment inventory and think I may have mismatched my processor and film holder. I have read through a lot of posts here that mention the 81-05 as a holder that requires no loading tray, but mentions no model number for the processor.

So I guess I have two questions:

What specific application does the 81-05 holder have?

Do I need the 81-06 for the processor that I have?

Any help you could offer me would be great, I appreciate your time!

27-Oct-2005, 14:16
Polaroid only made one "model" processor, although it occasionally had different model numbers, clors, and even a pull cord instead of a crank.

So, your 81-05 holder will work as designed in any of the processors no matter what number it may have. There is documentation available for the holder. I may not remember where, but I have read it and might be able to find it again if you need it.

If you get an 81-06 holder, then you must also have the loading tray for the processor...

Beyond that, enjoy 8x10 Polaroids cause it's a lot of fun!

Christopher Rainone
28-Oct-2005, 02:49
Thanks, Rich!

If you come across the documents for the 81-05 I'd love to see them!

I do have a loading tray as well, I've been trying to load the 81-05 into it! Oh well.

Thanks for your help!

David A. Goldfarb
28-Oct-2005, 05:37
Polaroid should be able to send you a photocopy of the 81-05 instruction sheet, if they don't already have a pdf on the website. It's not that hard to use once you've done it once or twice, but as I recall, the instruction sheet is somewhat intimidating even as it tries to be helpful with 30-odd illustrations (read: 30-odd ways to ruin a $9 sheet of film).

28-Oct-2005, 10:45
Christopher, I just searched Polaroid's web site and couldn't find any 81-05 info at all. Just the current manual to the processor. So I e-mailed you jpg's of the instruction sheet for the 81-05. I hope you can managed the file...


20-Feb-2010, 19:18
I just bought a Polaroid 8x10 processor (old model without tray) that goes with a 8x10 81-05 film holder.
I've checked the whole net and nowhere I could find pictures of the corresponding user manual (I found only instructions for the more recent 81-06 that works with the tray)

>> Would anyone have a link where I could find the instructions for the 81-05?

Best Regards,