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tim atherton
27-Oct-2005, 11:22
As one who can generally spell but not type, I have always managed to post a huge number of typos to this list due to the lack of a spellcheck in posting interface.

Someone just pointed me to this little programme which lets you check the spelling in any dialogue box, clipboard or whatever

Just starting to play with it, but it looks promising...


27-Oct-2005, 11:48
Tim, Thanks, obviously I need all the help I can get

QT Luong
27-Oct-2005, 12:21
The Google toolbar has an integrated spell check and a couple of other useful features.

Kevin M Bourque
27-Oct-2005, 12:22
I've been using a similar program called ieSpell. Very handy. Free, too!


27-Oct-2005, 13:27
Just you all think of we are not all from US. A lot of us come from other countries with other languages. Not all of us has englisg spelling on our computers...

27-Oct-2005, 13:46
The US doesn't have English spelling either -)

Mike Butler
27-Oct-2005, 14:21
Spelling is a bourgeois (had to look that up) concept...

And remember to prey for piece.

Eric Jones
27-Oct-2005, 14:40
The US doesn't have English spelling either -)

Yeah, I read and write American
English is my second language -)

Janko Belaj
27-Oct-2005, 16:26
I don't want to start holy mac-win war, but Mac OS X have build in spelling checker (command + ; and command + :) which work in almost any application, and for sure works in Safari (I'm sure for versions 10.2.8, 10.3.9 and 10.4.2). I will be surprised if windows doesn't have such feature... but, anyone knows for something we might call "sentence checker"? (as generally non-english speaking person, I would really need such help;))

Graeme Hird
27-Oct-2005, 16:53
I use a program called "ieSpell", which uses the custom dictionary on my PC to check spelling against. It's free and can be found at www.iespell.com

Thouroughly recommended!

Ernest Purdum
27-Oct-2005, 17:40
You have to remember to check the spelling checkers. Twice I've seen the ridiculous results of spelling checkers "correcting" the spelling of a French informal restaurant, a "brasserie".

Incidentally, If you board a boat in France, you may see lockers containing brassieres. They are for use if the boat starts to sink. In the U.S., we call them lifejackets.

Eric Jones
27-Oct-2005, 19:32

Thanks for that Mac OS X tip. Every time you think you know everything, you realize that you know nothing.

Doremus Scudder
28-Oct-2005, 03:32

The Google Toolbar spell check is great. Simple, accurate and able to be added to so you don't have to constantly deal with special vocab. It is available for just about every browser I can think of, so go and download it and type away... Just remember to use it (I manage to post my share of responses with typos too, just because I am too lazy/arrogant to use the thing).


Ken Lee
28-Oct-2005, 09:18
The Google Toolbar supports the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

28-Oct-2005, 10:35
thanks to this thread, i just discovered that safari on the mac supports osx's system wide spell checking. it's under the edit menu. who knew?

31-Oct-2005, 07:59
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