View Full Version : only 10% of the listings in eBay's 8x10 category..

Frank Petronio
27-Oct-2005, 08:50
I guess this is just a rant, but is there anything we can do about all the stupid listings for Holgas and Mamiyas polluting eBay's 8x10 or larger format camera category? I bet there are only 30 bonafide listings out of 200+. If I had the time I'd bid $100000 on each of them just to ruin their day but life is short.

I guess I am succumbing to film again, for no practical reason... all those heavy metal studio cameras are just so damn cheap nowadays -- heck you get an 8x10 Sinar P for less than a rickety old wooden claptrap... big beautiful 1980s Symmars are cheaper than tiny field lenses, and gear driven Gitzo Giants are almost free. I'll probably be the guy out with the 80lb load, never more than 100 feet from the car, but I will sure have one rock solid stable contraption for less than a grand.

Then I can tape 8x10 chromes to my windows because there isn't much else you can do with them!

Jim Chinn
27-Oct-2005, 08:53
You can really cut it down by filtering for only US or North American listings. All the holga and MF stuff is listed from Australia. Doing that will eliminate about 100 worthless posts.

Andrey Donchev
27-Oct-2005, 09:01
Or only with putting in the search field [ -(holga,diana) ] or whatever you don't want to see.

Donald Brewster
27-Oct-2005, 09:03
I do what Jim does. There was a post a while back either here or on photo.net that indicated that the Australian EBay doesn't have separate MF and LF categories, and apparently everything pops up in 8x10 in the US, so there is nothing the OZ guy can do and EBay hasn't fixed it yet.

Frank Petronio
27-Oct-2005, 09:26
Thanks! manipulating the search terms saves a huge amount of time. Now I can lurk and pounce...

Michael Jones
27-Oct-2005, 09:58
What?! Those aren't hand held 8x10s?


David A. Goldfarb
27-Oct-2005, 10:34
My 8x10" Sinar P cost less than a digital Rebel. Strange times we live in, indeed.

B&H used section had a pretty decent selection of used LF lenses this morning, too, at less outrageous prices than one usually finds there. Looked like a nice 8x10" Deardorff (FS I think) on the shelf too, but I didn't ask the price.

27-Oct-2005, 17:30

I hope you didn't miss the NAVAJO STERLING EARRINGS WITH BLACK ONYX CABUCHONS posted in the 4x5/5x7 category today! :)

I'm sure they would look terrific on the shooter who has everything they could ever possibly want for their 8x10 system (gear-wise!) :) :)

And, Christmas is only a couple of months away. :)


Your eyes didn't deceive you... indeed, that is a Deardorff 8x10 (with front swing) on the shelf.

Price: $1,900.00

Cheers all.