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jan kudej
27-Oct-2005, 04:44
Hi, do you please have some experience with compatibility of 65mm to Linhof III?Isn't it too much in the box so i can't shift?Or what is the widest lens i can use with it?Thank you very much.Jan

Brian Ellis
27-Oct-2005, 05:01
75mm is generally the shortest focal length lens that can be used with Technika IIIs and later Technika models (except for the Master Technika 2000) without having the wide angle focusing device. There were at least two different types of wide angle focusing devices made by Linhof I believe and I'm not sure about the compatability of either of them with Technika IIIs.

J. P. Mose
27-Oct-2005, 07:04
Jan.....I assume you are referring to a 6x9 Technika III, as you filed it under this catagory. This camera is normally fitted with a 65mm, 100-105mm and 180mm. There is also a 53mm Biogon, which was fitted to the 6x9 IV model (1956 - 1964). The IV model is similar to the III with the exception of the back (I believe the IV back removes easier than the III back). Hence, a 65mm will work just fine.

Read Jason's write-up on the 6x9 model:


It should be noted that Brian Ellis' reply applies to the 4x5 Technika models.

Bob Salomon
27-Oct-2005, 07:33
Linhof no longer lists the 002555 Wide Angle Focus Device and it has been discontinued. In the future the newer Linhof extreme wide angle focusing system for the Master, V and IV (not the 2000) models will be a linhof supplied lens mounted in a Linhof helical focus mount on a special board. This was shown at the last Photokina.

Neither the Wide Angle Focusing Device 002555 or the new helicals will fit the III.

At this time Linhof is only offering the new focusing helical and board for 38, 47 and 58mm lenses. At this moment there is no helical board listed for the 65mm and no lensboard listed for it either for the Master Technika Classic, the V or the IV. The mounting of the lens into the helical must be done at the factory.

Brian Ellis
27-Oct-2005, 15:44
J.P. is correct, sorry I didn't notice the reference to 6x9 in the subject line.