View Full Version : Linhof Technika Back missing Graflok Hardware

26-Oct-2005, 23:41
I just received a Technika V with an incomplete back -- all of the hardware that you'd need to mount a rollfilm (or rollex) back is completely missing, making it impossible to use the camera with anything except sheet film. There are simply two openings where the sliding buttons to extend/withdraw the locking tabs would normally be, and none of the related parts are present.

Has anyone ever run into this before, and if so, can you give me an estimate of what this would cost to correct?

Bob Salomon
27-Oct-2005, 02:26

27-Oct-2005, 06:13
Got one like that. Until you get it repaired, just stick a blunt thing in the slot and push the slide back and forth.

J. P. Mose
27-Oct-2005, 06:54
My Super Technika V (4x5) had a problem with the upper sliding button being frozen in position. Under the leatherette is a black plastic piece (about 1/2" X 5") which supports the sliding button and keeps the chrome locking tab in place. In other words, the black plastic piece is a cover with a cut out for the sliding button. It is held in place by 4 -5 flathead screws. Marflex told me these plastic pieces commonly fatigue with age. So, as I recall, there is sliding tab, plastic cover, sliding button, screws and leatherette (glued on plastic cover with contact cement).

If your V has tan leatherette, it is no longer available. Call Marflex, as Bob suggested, and see what all the parts cost (I know the black plastic is still available). You may be better off purchasing another back, as they appear on Ebay regularly.

andy bettles
27-Oct-2005, 07:42
If you get stuck with this and marflex can't help, I'm pretty sure I have all this hardware spare in my extra parts box. Let me know If I can help.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Oct-2005, 10:40
Thanks for that info, J.P., the black plastic guide piece has cracked on my Tech V as well, and I've got it super glued together, but eventually it will need replacement. I've been tempted to see if I could have it copied in brass by a machinist, as it seems to be one of the few real weak spots on the camera.

J. P. Mose
27-Oct-2005, 10:45
David....I agree it really is a weak spot and bought a couple of spares for that reason. Are there any other parts that you could recommend having a spare or two? JP

David A. Goldfarb
27-Oct-2005, 10:52
I haven't particularly noticed many weak spots, but the previous owner of my camera must have banged it against something with the lens racked out, because the front focus scale pointer is broken. It seems an easy enough thing to avoid, but I suppose that it is potentially exposed and could break off. Until I get around to replacing it, I just drew an index mark on the rail with a marker, and if it wears off, I just draw it again. I don't usually use scale focusing, but the scale is handy for adjusting the viewfinder, or determining exposure with manual flash.