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Richard Boulware
26-Oct-2005, 09:28
Anyone tried to buy any Rodinal lately? There has been a run on it. I was able to get about three quarts in the small bottles, and paid a very high price. Most dealers are out.

Has anyone done a really good controled test on the two products from JandC and Photographers Formulary?

Seems like sombody would have wanted to pick up the Rodinal line from the Agfa scrap heap.

Just trying to delay the switching over to a 'new' Rodinal, for as long as possible. I hate breaking in a new film developer combination. It gets in the way of making good pictures.

Richard Boulware - Denver.

Philippe Debeerst
26-Oct-2005, 12:45
Dear Rodinal users,

Here, back in Belgium, the verry sad news was spread that AGFA PHOTO no more exists due to bankrupcy (last monday).
The warehouses are sealed and the production in Germany seems to have seased.
So, be patient and see what will happen, after more than 100 years...

Philippe from Fanders fields

Brian Ellis
26-Oct-2005, 13:20
I read on another forum that the deal with Photo Me fell through.

ronald moravec
26-Oct-2005, 14:37
Someone did a side by side on photonet using the same dilutions and found the equal results.

When you open the R09, with will look black. Supposed to be that way.

26-Oct-2005, 15:07
I read elsewhere, and I cant find it now, that they give different results

John Cook
26-Oct-2005, 19:43
I ran preliminary tests on Calbe R09 a year or two ago, but have been holding back waiting for someone with more extensive objective data to join in.

My general conclusion was that Rodinal and R09 are virtually interchangable.

Dilutions for R09 are suggested at 1:40 and 1:100 instead of 1:50 and 1:100. The starting times for testing are perhaps a minute or two different. The color of R09 is darker.

The resulting negatives are, however, awfully close.

Like Coke and Pepsi, each of these developers has its devoted following. But as with various brands of cola served in unmarked paper cups, they are difficult (for me) to distinguish from each other.

Christopher Nisperos
29-Oct-2005, 11:14
Happy now, Herr Emans?

If the above story is true, this guy has raised avarice and selfishness to new heights. His actions go beyond a "business is business" attitude. Putting people out of jobs and causing the end to a fine company and fine products just to make an indecent profit on something he received FREE. I'm even tempted to call it immoral.

If I can dig up this guy's email address (anybody know it?), I'll tell him the same. I know it won't help Agfa, but it'll get something off my chest. Boy, this really burns me up.

Notice I refer to him as "this guy". That's because he doesn't deserve more respect than that. If I've misunderstood the situation, somebody clarify it for me quick before I make a fool out of myself telling this guy off!

Friendly thoughts to the group,

John Kasaian
29-Oct-2005, 13:16
It seems odd that Agfa would give away a reknown 100 year old trademark for no consideration. Indeed that it was apparenty 'granted' in hopes to preserve jobs indicates that there has to be something more to the story.

I don't know what it is, though.

OTOH, if all this is true then Herr Emans taking advantage of a windfall at the expense of 500 lives says a lot about his character---exactly what it says about the Quisling, I'll leave to your imagination.