View Full Version : Stermans or Beseller 8x10 tank for developing 4x5

28-Apr-2019, 01:42
Iím going to shoot 4x5 color film for a change so will be developing it myself in C41.
I have 3 options for this
1/. Beseller 8x10 tank
2/. Stermans SP445 4x5 tank
3/. MOD 54

I have had nightmares with loading the MOD54 so not to confident about using that
The Stermans SP445 has been okay as far as loading is concerned but never used it with C41
And the Beseller has been my choice for 8x10 due to the constant agitation but yesterday I tried loading 4 sheets of 4x5 film in the Beseller, in the daylight it was okay but in the dark trying to get the bottom two sheets of film in correctly was near impossible, so Iím thinking of just putting 2 sheets of 4 x5 in the Beseller and go with that so that I get the benefit of constant agitation.......... what do you guys think?
This is for C41 not B&W