View Full Version : Camera Construction Co. Hackney, London 26x22"

Steven Tribe
28-Apr-2019, 00:29
This was recently sold at auction and the hammer price was 2,000 ukp plus the usual percentages.
I thought it was of "repro" manufacture but the maker of the camera is listed in Channing & Dunn as being active until 1920. They made a range of cameras with names such as Eagle, Condor and Falcon!
Made both for the trade and own brand - normally as C.C.C.

They mentioned in advertising they made "Process, Field and Studio Cameras".
Question is - what was this camera made for?
It certainly looks like an oversized UK field camera and it has two handles on top for convenient? transport. Most process cameras at this time have more substantial bases and integrated front standards. Studio cameras were not usually this large a format. But it is a perhaps a process camera made in a design that C.C.C. were used to?

Tin Can
28-Apr-2019, 05:50
Maybe a traveling copy machine for sales on the run?

Make that, on the Iron Horse...

7-May-2019, 16:54
I would consider it an oversize field camera.

It is transportable, seems to fold together and has a box. Easy is another thing of course ...


Mark Sawyer
7-May-2019, 18:47
The rise and fall at the front, the traveling case, and the double-sided plate holder all say "field camera".

Mark Sampson
7-May-2019, 20:47
It's almost as big as a field.