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Scott Davis
26-Oct-2005, 06:45
Anyone know what size mounting hole an Alphax Pi shutter requires? I just got a 210 Wolly F6.8 in an Alphax Pi shutter (lens is in transit) and I'd like to get a lensboard ordered for it so I can use it within my return priviledge.

Chauncey Walden
26-Oct-2005, 08:35
Scott, the Wollensak reference says this about the 210mm f/6.8 Raptar Series 1a Triple Convertible:
front focus is 15.5 inches f/12.5; rear focus is 12.75 inches f/12.5; film size 5x8; Alphax and Rapax size 3. SK Grimes site says that the mounting thread diameter for an Alphax 3 is 1.98 inches. Hope this helps.

Scott Davis
26-Oct-2005, 10:04
This is not a Raptar triple-convertible, but rather a 210 F6.8 Graphic Raptar, in an Alphax Pi shutter (self-cocking model).

CP Goerz
26-Oct-2005, 23:33

CP Goerz