View Full Version : J and C Classic Expo paper---is it Fomabrome N111?

John Kasaian
25-Oct-2005, 14:48
OK, I'm in the process of getting "FOMA-tized'

Being a fiber based graded kind of bloke, I am attracted to N111 but I'd need to cut in down(only comes in 12x16.).I also noticed that J and C lists Expo which seems to have the same glowing desciption thats given N111. Has anyone here tried these papers? Are they cut from the same critter?

You see, I'm working on a script for a TV show:

Yellow bell pepper, please!

"Silver Chef----Bromide Battle" where, in Barbie Darkroom stadium, Silver Chef Kentmere Bromide takes on Silver Chef Fomabrom. The secret ingredient----Bromide!

Who's paper will reign supreme? Who's paper gets to chill with the Eskimo Pies and frozen succotash in my freezer?

Well, you get the idea.

27-Oct-2005, 20:47
john ,

i don't know anything about the formentioned paper, but i would not be a fan
of "bromide ice cream" ... they always make it with the secret ingredient, don't they ?

- - john

John Kasaian
27-Oct-2005, 21:06
Hello john!

You're right of course---I tried to find a recipe in Anchell's Darkroom Cookbook (two scoops bromide ice cream with Rodinal sauce sprinkeled with peanuts on top) but no luck with the secret ingredient---perhaps ansco 130? ;-)

I'll just have to summons my handpicked Silver Halide Chefs to Darkroom Stadium and have at it some evening after my rotor cuff mends. I'll report my findings, of course.


David A. Goldfarb
27-Oct-2005, 21:35
No, J&C Classic Exposition graded is Efke Emaks, which was also once sold as Cachet Expo RF and Maco Expo RF. I previously used it under the Cachet label and have recently been getting it from J&C, and I quite like it for enlargements. It responds nicely to amidol and tones well.