View Full Version : Fresnel for Toyo 810MII (8x10) ...?

20-Apr-2019, 09:32
Hi all,

Quick enquiry to see if/where I can pick up a 8x10 fresnel lens for my Toyo 810MII camera. I have emailed a couple LF manufacturers who make smaller fresnels but they seem unwilling to make an 8x10 lens.

For any users of Toyo 810M and 810MII who already have a fresnel, how can a fresnel be attached to the back of the camera - permanently or temporarily?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Cheers, Nathan

20-Apr-2019, 09:35
I use this one:


20-Apr-2019, 10:01
Toyo never made a fresnel for their 8x10 cameras - they are not really needed - but recommended the "Yankee" brand. You can contact Toyo repair @ Mamiya America about the installation and they might possibly may be able to order one for you.