View Full Version : sinar F1 instructions?

Craig Wactor
24-Oct-2005, 21:34
Anybody have a copy of the instructions for the sinar F1? I'm having trouble making the tilt/swing calculator work.

tor kviljo
25-Oct-2005, 01:05
You have the complete manual for the Sinar F here: http://yandr.50megs.com/sinar/f/f.htm HereYou will find the calculator explained as well as the important (but many don't seems to know) and very valuable feature of the sinar F series: how to fold it together for easy backpacking. I transported mine in the bottom compartment of a Lowe-Pro Orion (smallest backpack made, I would guess), not possible with any other monorail I have owned...(No, I have never afforded the technikardan...)

Michael Jones
25-Oct-2005, 12:44
Having only purchased a Sinar used, I never knew how to fold it other than the "traditional" ways. Leave it to Sinar to have figured this out years ago. Thanks.


25-Oct-2005, 15:25
The good folks at Sinar are also generally very happy to send you out a set. They sent me stuff about six months ago for a used camera I had purchased.

David A. Goldfarb
25-Oct-2005, 16:32
And there are also some instructions at the Swiss Sinar website.

Craig Wactor
25-Oct-2005, 18:21
is that the http://www.sinar.ch/sinar/default.htm site? I can find instructions for digital backs and some other stuff, but not for cameras. Any idea where it would be hidden? I am going to fire off a request for one via email, see if they will send it. I have also read the manual for the F, (thanks, Tor!) and I think I can use the calculator the same on the F1. My main confusion was which dotted line to focus first, and whether to do H or V first when combining swings and tilts. I'm guessing it is the same from the F to the F1. Thanks for the input!
And the interesting folding method is definitely worth a shot. Looks almost as compact as a field camera.

Craig Wactor
26-Oct-2005, 17:55
FYI, Sinar is sending me a hard copy via snail mail. I contacted them through the .ch site.