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24-Oct-2005, 17:02
Hello, Any one out there have any experience with R.H. Phillips 11x14 cameras? I'm interested in learning more about them. If anyone knows if one is availabe, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Geoff

Erik Eks
24-Oct-2005, 18:35
Christoph Greiner in Germany has an Philips Explorer 11x14 for EUR3425.00. Check out www.greiner-photo.de .

24-Oct-2005, 19:35
Thanks Izaack, I contacted Christoph and hopefully he still has it. BTW, do you happen to know if the Phillips 11x14 Explorer is a reversible back? Thanks, Geoff

Oren Grad
24-Oct-2005, 20:32
Geoff, the Phillips Explorer models are horizontal-only. You have to flip the whole camera to make a vertical exposure.

24-Oct-2005, 21:09
Thanks Oren, I was afraid of that!

Ben Diss
25-Oct-2005, 07:41
Lou at PhotoGizzmo has one. www.photogizzmo.com

25-Oct-2005, 15:34
Thanks for the heads up Ben, I spoke to Lou and he wants big, big bucks for it. More than I think it's worth. I think he's selling it more as a collectable than as a working camera

Oren Grad
25-Oct-2005, 16:48
Geoff - just curious, how many $$$$?

Donald Brewster
26-Oct-2005, 13:21
Give Mr. Phillips a call. He may have one around, and he usually has a bead on customers who have a particular model for sale. Worth a call.

michael Allen
26-Oct-2005, 15:30
Geoff, I purchased the last11x14 Explorer Dick made. The customer that was schedualed to take delivery for it backed out then Dick called me, as I was on his "list" for this model. I also looked into the model Mr. Griener had for sale, way to much money on top of the lousy exchange rate, plus shipping. Call Dick get on the list he has if you are serious.

As you know it is horizontal only, but I find it not that bad. I tilt my beast on its side for these compositions, although it is tedius I don't find myself performing this prcedure unless the subject is something I just cant pass by.

This model is as light as your average 8x10 and I've traveled exceptionally long distances with the camera and tripod assembled on my shoulder. The camera itself is very simple to use and tough, it is essentially made for the field. I wish I would have done more research when I strarted out in large format, I would have purchased one of Dicks models from the start.

In closing when or if you do purchase one of his cameras be it used or new, Dick will answer or try to answer most questions and accomodate you fully. I found him very helpfull, being that I was new to this format. The resale on these are simmilar to a Harley Davidson you rarley lose money.

Good luck

26-Oct-2005, 15:44
He quoted $5500 then came down to $5000 and included the holder and a Tenba case. I went to his website and he wanted $425 for the holder alone which is a Fidelity medical holder. The camera has a reversible back but only tilt in the back and no other movements. Full movements in the front. I spoke to Dick Phillips and he said it was a very early camera, possibly 15 years old. And, he thought it was very expensive, originally selling for $2500. He changed the design a couple of times, since that camera was made. The feeling I get from Louu is that he is looking at this as a collectable more than a working camera. I'm still looking for a reversible back Phillips 11x14 if anyone knows of one. I did contact Christoph Greiner but he never returned my email and the one he has is an Explorer, a horizontal only camera. I'm also looking at a ROC Carlton 11x14. Has any one had any experience with this camera? Thanks

Oren Grad
26-Oct-2005, 19:32
Geoff -

Antique 11x14 cameras of the vintage of the ROC Carlton you mention can be quite usable if they're in decent condition. They're not nearly so rigid as a Phillips - the rear standards on these cameras tend to flop around a bit, and the bed joint isn't always tight. So they do need a bit more care in use to make sure the rear standard doesn't get moved after focusing, and that everything sits still for the exposure. Also, you need to check whether the back on any camera you're considering is compatible with modern, ANSI-standard film holders.

They'll certainly be vastly more affordable. A usable 11x14 of that vintage should go for less than $1000, and a nicely restored one for less than $2000. If you find one you like, it's also possible to get a craftsman like Alan Brubaker or Richard Ritter to fix it up in ways that will improve the rigidity, although not to the level of a Phillips.

26-Oct-2005, 20:31
Thanks Mike & Oren, I spoke to Dick and he put me on his list for both eh 8x10 and the 11x14, but he never sees any of his 11x14's come up for sale. Whichever comes up first I'll take. If there is an 8x10 Compact II out there someone wants to unload, give me a shout. Mike you are right that Dick Phillips is very helpful. I find we touch on other, non-photography related topics ase well. He certainly makes this arduous process of ULF photography easier and more enjoyable. I wouldn't want an Explorer because I do too much portraiture. Oren, a friend of mine has a ROC Carlton 11x14 that he wants to sell, well not really wants to sell, buit he needs the money. It is in very clean condition and has been refitted to take a standard tripod mount with the original hardware intact and incuded. It has the original tripod as well. Also incuded are 8 lens boards that have been adapted to accept all the common shutters, Ilex 4, 5, Compund, Etc..The camera has new bellows and has had little to no use at all, essentilly the camera is mint. I was told that the camera was the model for the Deardorff 11x14 field camera. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Also, the camera is very light like 12 lbs. which makes it attractive for taking out but I do worry about stability, rigidity, and wind. I'm leaning toward taking it but I first need to see it in person. I still would like a Phillips tho! Also if there are any Dagor non Artars out there looking for a new home....Say 16.5" 18" etc...Let me know!

Oren Grad
26-Oct-2005, 21:49
I looked up the Carlton on one of my favorite sites:

www.fiberq.com/cam/roc/carlton.htm (http://www.fiberq.com/cam/roc/carlton.htm)

I have to say that it's structurally different from the vintage cameras I'm used to. Conceivably that diagonal strut for the rear standard may lend it a bit more rigidity than you'd find in the more common Korona or Empire State. 12 pounds would be ultralight for an 11x14. If I were you I'd definitely go take a look at it and see whether it seems adequately sturdy and rigid for use in the field. Do remember to ask about film holder compatibility while you're at it.

Good luck!

26-Oct-2005, 21:57
Thanks Oren, I won't see it for a week maybe 10 days but I'll report back what I see. Thanks for the webside link!

20-Nov-2005, 12:44
Still searching?

Here it is:



David A. Goldfarb
20-Nov-2005, 16:46
I looked at that camera that Louis Shu has recently, and it is a very nice camera--quite sturdy for its weight (18 lbs.) and compact size, much more so than my slightly lighter (15 lbs.) and 90-some years older American Optical. Not sure that it's worth what he's asking though, and I passed on the offer of 11x14" holders for $425.

20-Nov-2005, 22:08
Thanks Ranier & David, Ranier, I think the Explorer is horizontal back only so this would not be a camera for me. And, David, I think you are correct about the 11x14 at Photogizzmo. Too expensive and too heavy considering there is a lighter more advance one out there. I did get a Carlton 11x14. It only weighs 13 or so lbs and it is beautiful and quite rigid. It also folds up quite small. I was told that the Deardorf 11x14 field camera was based on this camera. Anyone with more info out there about the Carlton, made by Rochester Optical Co? Geoff