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Tim Myers
24-Oct-2005, 07:50

I've been shooting new Velvia 100 Quickload recently, and have had three instances when pulling the envelope back when in the quickload holder that the envelope has simply come out of the holder and no stopped... I don't believe it's the way I'm using the quickload, as I've run 3 boxes of Velvia 50 and half a box of Acros through the back since I bought it.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?

Paul Butzi
24-Oct-2005, 08:02
A related 'especially stupid thing I've done' is to stick the readyload/quickload into the holder turned 180 degrees - that is, with the back of the film facing the lens instead of the emulsion side facing the lens. Depending on the holder, this produces the effect you described.

When I catch myself doing this, it's usually because I've put the stack of readyloads into my pack/film pocket the wrong way round, and habit has me handling the film the same each time.

I don't really want to admit how many times I've caught myself making this particular mistake.

David Roossien
24-Oct-2005, 09:43
It can happen with any of the quickload films, not just the new Velvia. Make sure the QL holder's button is not lodged/stuck on the left. It should be "released" or "loose" and on the right side when looking at the back of the camera.

When the button stays locked on the left you can pull the film past the dashed box that is printed on the envelope, and like you say, right out of the holder. In my experience carefully removing the film (pushing all the way back in before pulling out) and then resetting the button usually fixes the problem.

Brian Sims
24-Oct-2005, 10:10
I use quickloads in the new Kodak Readyload holder. The only problem I've had was one box of Velvia where the metal end was about 1/8th of an inch out of alignment. The film would not go into the holder without sliding the the metal stip back where it belonged. There was no evidence of light leaks and no problems once I fixed that box of film.

Paul, I admit I've made the same mistake loading quickloads backwards. I've always tossed the film. Have you ever tried developing the sheet to see if fogging occurs? If the backward facing film isn't fogged (or scratched in some way) then we could close up the sheet and flip it around. I'd be nice to just laugh at myself instead of cursing over a wasted piece of film.

Greg Miller
24-Oct-2005, 11:14
I'll fess up to the same mistake that Paul mentions. I would never have guessed that I had insterted the Quickload reversed but that's exactly what happened the last time this occurred (over a year ago). Since I have been double checking myself this siutation has never happened again.

Tony Ilardi
24-Oct-2005, 11:45
I just had the same problem on the third sheet of film I used on a new QL Holder. I am absolutely certain that I inserted the film correctly. I had to dissasseble the QL Holder to remove the flim clip, but it still did not work (very carfeully making sure the film was inserted correctly). Over the weekend I dissassembled it again, and discovered I had to reorient the center locking clip, on which the metal clip on the film was hanging up. I noticed that after doing the repair, the locking mechanism works easily; new it had to be forced to work at all. Still, the film has not been developed yet so I am yet to confirm all is well.

Brett Deacon
24-Oct-2005, 12:00
For what its worth, I recently made the switch from the old Velvia to Velvia 100 and haven't had any problems.

24-Oct-2005, 12:10
Can you get Velvia 100 in US....??!! They are nor free for sale in europe (scandinavia)

Tim Myers
24-Oct-2005, 14:08

Are you not able to get Velvia 100 in Scandinavia? It's readily available here in the UK.

Danny Burk
24-Oct-2005, 15:52
I wonder whether the problem is related to recently-purchased QL holders? I've had three individuals in my recent workshops who've experienced a problem with various types of QL, and every one was using a newly purchased holder. My own holders are much older, and I've never had a problem with them.

QL holders have had some availability problems lately. Hmm....perhaps there is a quality control issue causing the shortage, and some inferior holders have made it to the marketplace?

Danny www.dannyburk.com

Harley Goldman
24-Oct-2005, 16:32
I have sporactically had the same problem with QL's over the last few years. It just happens now and then. I always figure I did not hit the release button all the way. I recently switched to the new 100 and have not had any problems with the new Quickloads.

Bernard Languillier
24-Oct-2005, 17:40
I had to purchase a new Fuji Quickload holder a few weeks ago in Tokyo, after my previous one died in a disastrous fall, and I am experiencing more problems with the new one too.

I had a few occurences with Provia 100F sheets of sheets staying stuck, and the overall feel is not as smooth as with the previous one...

I am thinking of taking it back to the shop actually. There are enough difficulties when shooting LF for not willing to have the quickload holder adding yet another hurdle...


Paul Butzi
25-Oct-2005, 09:12
Have you ever tried developing the sheet to see if fogging occurs?

No. I just engage in some creative use of language, and then pitch the film into the 'mistake' pocket of the camera pack, which is apparently what everyone else does, too.

At least this mistake is evident while you still have the camera set up.

26-Oct-2005, 17:19

I also had the same thing happen. I can't remember if it was Velvia 100 or 100F, but I had three quickloads out of the same box where the envelope came all the way out without stopping. After I finished that box of film, I haven't had a problem since.