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11-Apr-2019, 14:50

I scanned some films this afternoon and I have notices those strains on them as you can see on the attached pictures ( a crop from one of my scan).
The water here is heavily loaded with limestone (I am not sure it is the correct name here...) and I suspect it's coming from there.
I finish the washing of my film with distilled water though, but I guess sometimes it is not sufficient

What would be the best way to remove that, some water with a bit of vinegar will do?

Thank you very much in advance


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13-Apr-2019, 11:47
These streaks do not look unlike markings that might occur following an uneven or incomplete wipe that leaves some hard water on the surface of the negative(s) to dry. If you are attempting to remove water from your negatives with a sponge or squeegee, consider instead using Photo-Flo or an equivalent mild soap as recommended by the manufacturer to break the water tension and then hang your negatives to drip dry without wiping. If these are indeed salt deposits left behind by water evaporating from the surface of the negatives, a presoak in distilled water followed by bathing in a solution of water and vinegar, and then a wash in distilled water may remove them. It will certainly do no harm to try. A rinse with distilled water insufficient to remove residual salts from the emulsion does not seem a likely explanation for this distinct pattern of markings. If these streaks are not due to hard water drying on the negative surface, they may be scum marks caused by dirt or other debris in the developer. In that case, the solution is obvious.

N. Riley

Steven Ruttenberg
13-Apr-2019, 14:50
What developer did you use? Film type?, temp, etc

Steven Ruttenberg
13-Apr-2019, 14:52
How were they developed? SP445, drum, ?

14-Apr-2019, 09:28
Try a final rinse with demineralized water and/or a wetting agent.