View Full Version : Reattaching bellows to rear standard

Don Nicholls
23-Oct-2005, 15:44
I recently picked up an 8X10 Cambo. The bellows have seperated from the rear standard on one corner. The camera is in fine condtion except for this. I believe that it is possible to clean the rear standard and reglue the bellows. I don't know what would be the appropriate adhesive. Anyone have an insight?

Richard Ide
23-Oct-2005, 18:20
Hi Don

I looked at my Cambo and pried the bellows a bit. I have used an adhesive called "Pliobond" for other similar things and feel that it would do an excellent job. Just test a small spot first to make sure it wont soften the bellows material before the solvent evaporates. Another two materials which would work are "Goop" and silicone adhesive.


Mark Woods
23-Oct-2005, 19:16
I've used Goop on my Sinar bellows and it worked great. It's totally harmless to plastic since it's used on model rail roading (which I've been known to do). Sticks like crazy.