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Christopher Barrett
11-Apr-2019, 06:09
I've been able to spend quite a bit of time in the darkroom the last few weeks and am having the most fun ever!






Christopher Barrett
11-Apr-2019, 06:09


Bruce Barlow
11-Apr-2019, 07:04
NICE space!

Tin Can
11-Apr-2019, 07:08
Very nice!

Richard Wasserman
11-Apr-2019, 07:22
Fun indeed!

Peter Collins
11-Apr-2019, 07:28
That clock on the wall: Is it saying 1pm or 1am? Just wonderin'

11-Apr-2019, 18:29
There is nothing like the alchemy that takes place in a darkroom. Fun indeed!

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11-Apr-2019, 18:42
That clock on the wall: Is it saying 1pm or 1am? Just wonderin'

I was curious too.

It would be a.m. for me. :^)

Hard to tell, but the clock hints at 80 minutes from enlarger to print drying ... for five large prints!

Joe O'Hara
11-Apr-2019, 19:20
That's where I hope to be tomorrow, and many other tomorrows.

Nice photograph, I hope you can share it here some time in final form.

Christopher Barrett
12-Apr-2019, 06:11
Heh, it was 1 pm. Once I got going I did produce those pretty quickly. I hypo-cleared them, so they were only in the wash a half hour. Years ago I worked as a black and white printer and I would often expose 4-6 8x10s in quick succession and then soup them all at once. Sometimes working in the darkroom feels like a well choreographed performance.


Tim V
13-Apr-2019, 15:21
Love your space! I'm really jealous. I live in a rented house and no possibility to even consider setting something like this up. Have to make do with using facilities at work, with ain't all that bad but nothing like your own, personal space.